About the book - Seema is Awesome

Max the taco doesn’t like being the same as everyone else. He doesn’t want to be just an ordinary taco. He wants to explore, try new things, and be adventurous. Senor Jalapeno, the taco truck manager, wants Max to be normal and fit in, especially since the President is going to visit the taco truck soon.

However, Max knows that the President doesn’t like tacos—at all! Will Max be true to himself and explore new flavors? Will he entice the President to try something new? And will the President decide that tacos really are GREAT? This book takes you on Max’s journey on learning to be himself.


I wrote this book as a means to have a conversation with our children about what’s going on today. As an American and a child of immigrants, I wanted to show how lucky we are to be Americans – to be who we are, as we are. I hope that the values of authenticity, open mindedness, and courage come through.

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A Taco for El Presidente Paperback – 30 Jan 2017